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Clean Kitchen Etiquette
29 July 2014
Clean Kitchen EtiquetteIt is vital that as a good house owner, you are able to keep the rooms in your house in a generally good order. You will find that the kitchen is one of those rooms that is seemingly under constant bombardment from dirt, and you will do well to be on top of it at all times. However, if you are aware of how you use the kitchen, and ensure that you can make amends for it in its use, then you will be much better placed to ensure that you get the place looking great extremely easily and quickly. It is all down to being conscious of the way in which you leave the room, and that comes down to how you cook, as well as how you use your time.For a start, think about the way in which you do cook. Are you a flamboyant chef who likes to throw things in as the feeling takes you, or do you follow recipes methodically? Whilst there is no right or wrong, you should ensure that whichever method you prefer, you are aware of what is going on around you. The methodical cook may well be laborious in following instructions, but if that means that they are unaware of the mountain of rubbish piling up next to them, then it is of little help. Simply throw things away as soon as you have chopped them, get rid of packets as soon as they are emptied, and ensure that you are not letting mess build up on the work surfaces. Utilizing the space efficiently is important, as it will mean that you are able to avoid the mess overtaking the counter, as this will lead to space issues, and eventually mean that you end up with a situation where you are extending the mess further than you need to. When you are cooking, be sure to dunk pans straight in to water, with washing up liquid ready, as this will prevent them drying out and taking ages to clean later on. If you are sensible like this at every stage of the cooking process, then there is no reason as to why you should not be pretty much entirely cleaned up by the time you finish the cooking. As one thing is simmering, you can take two minutes to scrub a used pan, and whack it back in its place. You could also use the time that a casserole is in the oven to wipe down the surfaces, and get a few plates out. It is this clever use of your own time that will ensure that your kitchen etiquette leaves you in a position where there is no stress. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a nice meal with the family, and knowing that you are going to have to spend absolutely ages cleaning it all up afterwards because you made a mess of the kitchen!If you are good with the kitchen, then ensure that you teach such methods to your family as well. As a head of the household, you will often find that you walk in to the kitchen to find discarded dinnerware and cups or glasses left lying about, waiting for someone else to wash them up or put them in the dishwasher. Training the kids effectively will mean that they are perfectly adept at getting the job done themselves, which will be a great weight off of your mind, as well as your cleaning load!

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