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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices
24 May 2014
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning PracticesThe way in which humans utilize the world has been one that depletes the planet of its natural resources at a rate that they cannot be regained. The way in which we live is basically ruining the planet much faster than it can repair itself, and everything, from getting around to relaxing is part of that process, even cleaning! It is pretty important that you are able to ensure that you are not part of this as possible, as allowing these things to go unchanged is going to be the cause of a great deal of difficulty for future generations, bringing the end of the earth as we know it much closer than anyone had ever presumed. The humans alive today face the very real possibility that close relatives of theirs will face extreme changes because of their living habits, and as the first islander victims of global warming have to move out of their settlements, you may suddenly realize that you are not doing enough to help the cause. Have a look over the following eco-friendly cleaning tips for your recycling to get in line with helping the planet in your own way.1.    Use sustainable equipment. Make sure that the tools and products that you buy are sustainable. This means both longer lasting, and sourced from a sustainable place. Plastic buckets are less eco friendly than metal ones, as they last a lot less time, and you will find that the metal used in buckets is usually sourced a lot more efficiently than the plastic’s production methods. You should use long lasting cotton cloths rather than paper towels, as paper towels are one use only, whereas a cloth can be washed and reused many times. You will find that deforestation is largely to do with paper consumption, as well as cattle grazing, so do your bit to help! 2.    Be aware of energy. When you are washing up, do you need to use so much hot water? Making the water hot in the first place requires electricity and gas, and that is a drain on resources when you may not need to be doing so. You will find that this runs true in many cases - if it is sunny outside, why do you need to dry your clothes with the dryer? If you are constantly thinking about these things, then you will be a lot more likely to get the most out of your energy, without over sing it, and that will also save a great deal on the money front as well! 3.    Ensure that you are not using harmful chemicals in your cleaning. Many cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that are much more harsh than you really need. There is a lot to be said for doing away with bleach, as it will be flushed into the waterways and rivers of the country, affecting a great many animals and plants in their natural habitats. In general, these chemicals are not great to have in the house, as they can often be more dangerous to your family’s health than the dirt you are using it to clean away! 4.    Use natural resources when you can. Get a compost heap going, instead of chucking out all of your waste food. Try getting flowers in the house rather than using harmful do odorizing sprays, and simply throw the windows open in the morning to get the cobwebs out, you will likely feel a lot better about the place for it, and you won’t be worrying about the impact that you are having on the planet!

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